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Kishanseva consultancy

Indian agriculture is the most important aspect in Indian economy after independence agriculture was an important player in Indian GDP contribution, about 62 % of contribution was from agriculture but from then this contribution starts decreasing and now in 2020 its almost 19 % of India’s GDP which has declined by almost 30 %. In […]

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Agriculture: Support to Indian economy during covid Pandemic .

The history of Agriculture in India dates back to Indus valley civilization and even before that in some places of Southern India. India ranks  second worldwide in farm outputs. As per 2018, agriculture employed more than 50℅ of the Indian work force and contributed 17–18% to country’s GDP. In 2016, agriculture and allied sectors like animal husbandry, Forestry and fishery accounted for […]

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Introduction to personality

What is Personality? The sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others. Measurable traits that a person exhibits. A relatively stable set of characteristics that influences an individuals behavior. Personality has both internal & External elements. External Traits are observable sociability. Internal states represents the thought, value and genetic […]