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Indian agriculture is the most important aspect in Indian economy after independence agriculture was an important player in Indian GDP contribution, about 62 % of contribution was from agriculture but from then this contribution starts decreasing and now in 2020 its almost 19 % of India’s GDP which has declined by almost 30 %. In India now also Agriculture plays a vital role in our lives as planting foods and flowers require a lot of patience & hard work. There are various methods undertaken to promote agriculture services and their development. The agricultural department mainly focuses on producing high-quality agricultural products. Increasing food availability across the country is the main objective of this department. To enhance the productivity of food materials, it is important to collaborate with the best suppliers who offer advanced agricultural services.

Kishanseva foundation:

Is a non-profitable organization and is working for empowering the farmers community, educating the girl child, empowering the women especially from rural areas and ultimately thriving towards the empowerment of rural India. We Kishanseva consultancy organize the agricultural needs of your clients by using our topic-specific Agriculture Proposal as we have done experimentation on agriculture land from almost 20 years. Kishanseva consultancy has highlighted your five-stage action plans such as research & inspection, landscaping, manure & fertilizer, pesticides & harvesting, and sale & packaging. Fertilizer consumption in India has increased significantly in the last three decades. Total NPK (N, P2O5 and K2O) consumption increased nine-fold (from 2 million to 18 million tons) between 1969/1970 and 1999/2000. Per-hectare NPK consumption increased from 11 to 95 kg in the same period. After reaching a record level in 1999/2000, fertilizer consumption in India has been irregular. It has fluctuated around 17 million tones since 2000/01. Farmers has been using the Agro-chemicals from many decades and the chemical composition and the requirement for the crops which are mentioned on the packaging was done according to the condition of soil many decades ago, now the research and development work on use of Agro-chemicals on recent conditioned soil in different region of India is almost nil. Farmers and other consultants are using the same Agro-chemical composition which was mentioned decades ago despite of what’s the actual need of crop and soil are. We as organization and consultant consults famers and ago-chemical distributors about the  requirement of fertilizers and pesticides according to need of soil, we test the soil its pH, the minerals content in soil , potash content, sodium content and other factors like  fungal infection and viral infection in soil. We visit farmers according to their need and not only give them report on their soil condition but also consult them from planting a crop to harvesting its process in detailed manner and how much fertilizer and pesticides for any particular diseases should be given on any crop which is standing on field, we also consult them on after harvest procedure and helps farmers to give them better price of their harvest. We also arrange framers meeting daily in each particular village according to farmers need and our own scheduled root. With our journey we have consult many farmers about the crop they have planted in field and gained a very positive feedback from each one them. By our regular visit to different farmers of different villages we understand each of one’s problem and try to provide all possible solution whether it may be on consulting regarding crop sowing, any other guidance to overcome from any type of pest, nutrient deficiency and guidance about how to apply them on field. Kishanseva is concerned with farmers need and ready to serve them every time. Our vision is to promote and enhance the economic prosperity of every individual by providing optimal and sustainable solutions to every single problem in the world of agriculture, with our mission to improve the lives of farmer by making agriculture an attractive place and to equip farmers with quality and affordable products and services.

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